Sponsor Research in Justine Sherry's Group

Justine Sherry's Research Group focuses on innovative networking software, hardware, and protocols to make networks faster, more reliable, more equitable, and more secure. Dr. Sherry has a strong track record of research with impact in industry as well as research that pushes the boundaries of technology.

Academic research cannot happen without generous sponsorship from government, industry, foundations, and individual donors. To find out about current projects in need of financial support, please contact Justine Sherry directly ([email protected]). Research sponsors are provided with early access to results and regular reports on research progress. To fund research in Justine Sherry's group, please contact Nancy McCarthy ([email protected]).

2019-2020 Funding

NSF Logo
National Science Foundation

Grants #1700521 and #1850384

VMWare Logo

Security and Software Defined Infrastructure (in collaboration with NSF)

Google Logo

Faculty Research Award to study congestion control

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CONIX Center

Multi-company funded CMU-based center to couple the cloud and edge by pushing increased levels of autonomy and intelligence into the network