Meet with Me

I spend a tremendous amount of time in meetings. The corporate world has embraced calendaring software to make meeting arrangements more efficient, but for some reason academia has been slow to adopt this `new technology.' I could easily spend a whole day a week just scheduling meetings if I didn't adopt calendaring software, and so I highly recommend all of my fellow academics try it out. Here is a quick guide to scheduling a meeting with me.

If you have access to Google Calendar: The easiest thing to do is to follow Google's instructions here -- you simply create a Calendar event, add me a guest, and select `find a time.' Google will show you your availability and mine and you can pick a slot that works for both of us. Please then follow through and send me the invitation including time, location, and (if virtual) a zoom or Google Meet link. May I also recommend that you make your calendar visible to your colleagues, so that they can schedule meetings with you as well? It's free and easy.

If you do not have access to Google Calendar: Please use this link to schedule an in-person meeting or this link to schedule a zoom meeting. The app will automatically generate Calendar invitations including zoom links as needed.

If none of the above work for you: Sometimes even the best of technologies can't solve your problems. If you're stuck, email Chase ([email protected]) and CC me and let us know what you need.

For your convenience, you can also see my calendar here: