Wednesday Networks

Wednesday Networks is the umbrella for a loose confederation of networking research events and resources at CMU. We manage a Slack, an events calendar, and a reading group. We also have a monthly happy hour. Anyone involved in networking research at CMU is welcome to join us. Links below are only accessible to users with credentials.


My Research Group

Portrait of Ranysha Ware
Ranysha Ware

PhD Student

Portrait of Anne Kohlbrenner
Anne Kohlbrenner

Bachelor's Student

Portrait of Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta

Bachelor's Student

Temporary/Shadow Portrait
Adriana Beltran

High School Intern

I also collaborate with many other students and postdocs, including Zhipeng Zhao, Valorie Dodge, Matt Mukerjee, Vivian Fang, Antonis Manousis,and Shinae Woo.